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The COVID risks to children is low.

NSW recruits emergency teachers as schools safeguard RATs

As the wait for NSW’s back-to-school plan continues ahead of next week’s reopening, teachers and principals worry they are not being given enough time to prepare.

  • by Jordan Baker and Tom Rabe



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City life

Sydney’s city streets have been eerily quiet since the emergence of Omicron.

Five ideas to help revive Sydney’s ailing business mojo

The scourge of Omicron has delivered a serious economic blow to the harbour city, but there are measures that can and should be taken to aid our recovery.

  • by Paul Nicolaou
Aimee and Mitchell Dean enjoy a long-awaited holiday with their two sons Toby, 6 and Jack, 4.

‘So lucky:’ beachgoers cool off after tsunami warning closed sites

Thousands visited Sydney’s beaches on Monday as the city was treated to a reprieve from La Niña’s wet season with temperatures close to 30 degrees.

  • by Amelia McGuire

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