The Good Weekend Quiz: April 25

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The Good Weekend Quiz: April 25

By Stephanie Bull and Jacqui Martinez

1. What is a periorbital hematoma more commonly known as?

2. In cycling’s Tour de France, who is awarded the lanterne rouge?

3. Which Australian city was known as the “dry capital” due to its “Prohibition” law from 1910 to 1928?

4. Finish the Biblical phrase, “You cannot serve both God and …”

5. The Australian Flame is the nickname of which sporting team?

Trivia buffs: test your knowledge with this week's Good Weekend quiz.

Trivia buffs: test your knowledge with this week's Good Weekend quiz.Credit:

6. The Ayeyarwady, or Irrawaddy, is the major river of which country?

7. What word starting with “Z” is Spanish for fox?

8. What song begins, “It’s a little bit funny, this feelin’ inside”?

9. What video game is a portmanteau of the Greek prefix for four, and tennis?


10. Which British author is the first woman to win the Man Booker Prize twice?

11. What is a hygrometer used to measure?

12. What is a cruciverbalist skilled in solving?

13. The molecular formula C6H12O6 is more commonly known as …?

14. Who wrote a novel about a plague in the Algerian town of Oran?

15. Which Australian country music singer-songwriter’s name is David Kirkpatrick?

16. What is the translation of the Latin phrase, “Cogito, ergo sum”?

17. To what was the planet Pluto reclassified in 2006?

18. Which Beatle lived near Strawberry Field in Liverpool, England?

19. Taleggio, asiago and comté are all types of …?

20. What is the largest ethnic group living in the Xinjiang region of China?

21. Starting with “K”, what drug is commonly used to anaesthetise horses?

22. On April 24, the Hubble Space Telescope reached its 20th, 30th or 40th year in orbit?

23. Starting with “S”, which physics theory is often called the “theory of everything”?

24. Russell Crowe played which mathematician in the 2001 film A Beautiful Mind?

25. Which 1964 novel was ostensibly inspired by secretive testing of Cadbury chocolates by students at Repton School, England?


1 A black eye. 2 The last-place finisher. 3 Canberra. 4 Mammon. 5 Australian athletics team. 6 Myanmar (formerly Burma). 7 Zorro. 8 Your Song (Elton John, 1970). 9 Tetris. 10 Hilary Mantel (Wolf Hall, 2009; Bring up the Bodies, 2012). 11 Humidity. 12 Crosswords. 13 Glucose. 14 Albert Camus (The Plague, 1947). 15 Slim Dusty. 16 I think, therefore I am. 17 Dwarf planet. 18 John Lennon. 19 Cheese. 20 Uyghurs. 21 Ketamine. 22 30th. 23 String theory. 24 John Nash. 25 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Roald Dahl).

Fancy yourself a quizmaster? Send us a question; we include one from a reader each week and acknowledge it here. Email: label it “GW Quiz Entry”. This week, question 25 was supplied by reader Andy Fist of Launceston, Tasmania.

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