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Special Minister of State Don Harwin said the government’s position on allowing developers for run for local councils hasn’t changed.

‘Now is their chance’: Government must consider property developer ban with COVID-safety

The upper house voted on Tuesday to ban property developers from running for councils in legislative amendments tied up with running elections in a pandemic-safe way, in a late night Greens-Labor move.

  • by Angus Thompson


Apartments in the now-privatised Sirius public housing building are now selling for big money.
City life

I designed the Sirius building but I wish the government had knocked it down

The original vision has been ruined by the sell-off of the building for private profit.

  • by Tao Gofers
Full house in NSW Parliament on Tuesday,
NSW budget

Once COVID is over, there is one overlooked budget measure that could hurt the Coalition

This budget shows the government’s ability to steer NSW through turbulent times. But once the cloud of COVID-19 lifts, any measures overlooked to address the cost of living pressures could become a significant weakness for the Coalition.

  • by Alexandra Smith

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