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We can't afford to let down our guard once we’re vaccinated.

Vaccine’s ‘acceptable’ risks unevenly shared in new rollout

The new vaccine rollout plan, which fragments the cohort again based on age, changes the balance of risk for older Australians.


New analysis of kidney transplants has found accepting even a lower-quality kidney is better in the long run than remaining on dialysis.

Even a low-quality kidney transplant better for patients than dialysis

Research suggests patients are better off accepting a low quality kidney transplant rather than remaining on dialysis and waiting for a better quality one.

  • by Stuart Layt
The contraceptive pill is a blunt instrument. Why has nothing better been found?

The pill causes clots too. Why no outrage?

Blood clots linked to the pill are a significant side effect that women are expected to live with.

  • by Gabriela Fowler


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