Home Sweet Home: What's keeping comedian Matt Okine entertained

Home Sweet Home: What's keeping comedian Matt Okine entertained


Comedian, musician and actor

What I’m watching: The Michelle McNamara documentary I'll Be Gone in the Dark on Foxtel. It’s based on the book she wrote about the serial rapist Original Night Stalker [aka Golden State Killer]. To know they solved the case just after she passed away was heartbreaking. I’m just so glad that particular monster was brought to justice. I used to fall asleep listening to crime podcasts and now with the pandemic, there’s enough terrible things happening that I’ve been able to fall asleep with just the knowledge the world already sucks around us. I also watch an awful lot of Selling Houses Australia on Foxtel, too. It’s actually embarrassing. It’s got to the point where I will just need to see a single room in the house and I’ll be like, “Oh, this is Alice Springs season five.” I have these grand images of renovating houses one day, but the reality is I can barely change a light bulb.

Matt Okine has been listening to Emma Wiggle, writing his own children's music and looking out for bats on his balcony.

Matt Okine has been listening to Emma Wiggle, writing his own children's music and looking out for bats on his balcony.Credit:Alina Gozin’a

What I’m listening to: Emma Watkins from the Wiggles. I can’t tell you how much I’ve listened to Emma over this COVID period because my 18-month-old daughter absolutely loves her. I find myself singing Emma songs in the car, in the shower, walking to work, it’s just ridiculous. I’m listening to a lot of my own music, too, because I’m working on a side project called Diver City, a young kids project focused on routine and social guidance. There’s a brief language lesson in my dad’s Ghanaian language. The first time I played it to my daughter, straight away she just said nope, she wanted Emma, but it’s gotten to the stage now where she asks to listen to it and I’m like, “C’mon, we don’t need to listen to dad again.”


What I’m reading: Alex Dyson's book When It Drops was a really fun read. It’s about a 16-year-old kid whose brother leaks some of his music and it turns into a pop sensation. It’s more tailored towards young adults, but it’s so weird reading a story that’s all about concerts and live music because it’s so not how the world is any more. And Greenlight by Benjamin Stevenson, which is about a TV producer who’s caught between doing the right thing morally by uncovering the truth about a crime or making sure his show is still a success.

What made me laugh this week: We got woken up by this loud bang and when we went outside there was a bat on our balcony. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a bat up close before, but they are terrifying little creatures. They straddle this really weird line between cute and absolutely monstrous. My partner was freaking out because as soon as you Google bats they’re like don’t touch them, they have rabies.

My best pandemic purchase was: We came back from Fiji [in March] and had to be indoors for two weeks with our one-year-old daughter, so my partner bought some fake grass online and we bought a blow-up pool. We tried to keep the island vibes going in our little two-bedroom apartment. It really did bring a bit of sunshine to a tough situation.

The silver lining of lockdown was: To check myself and realise I was scheduled to be away from home for so much of this year. I’m really glad I was able to step back from it all and realise how much being home with family is the most important thing. I think a lot of people don’t ever question their direction in life until they’re forced to, and hopefully I don’t ever go back into bad habits again of being away and feeling that work somehow validates me. I saw my daughter’s first steps while we were trapped in our house, so there were some really powerful moments that will stick with me that I’m very grateful to have had.

Matt Okine and Kristy Lee Peters (aka KLP) debut children’s album Welcome to Diver City is out now.

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